There's a BETTER way to grow your business...

...and it starts with your BRAND!


From working full-time mother to a 6-figure cash business in just a year; and it's all because of my brand!


The Authentic Brand Builders Society for the female entrepreneur ready to build a thriving community and profitable brand WITHOUT wasting any more time and energy on the wrong things.


Are you getting tired of opting into every freebie just to be more confused and lost on how to take action?

Are you in a place where you literally can't spend more time trying to fit in another webinar or weekly live just to advance your biz?

Have you invested money and energy in programs and courses that just aren’t helpful?


Do you lack engagement online, like literally, you could hear crickets when you post?

Do you feel like you’re constantly doing all the things, but the strategies just aren’t freaking working, seriously why aren’t they working?

Are you spending hours on Google trying to find the answer, or trying to reach out to a fellow FB group member to see if they could PLEASE tell you how to do it?

Does the thought of going another month pretending like it’s working make you kind of want to puke?

What you’re doing isn’t working, but you already knew that didn’t you?!

Ok so first off, deep breath, now for some truth.

Stop wasting time, you only get so much of that you know and you should be using it on things that are going to advance your business.

I know so many people are teaching so many different approaches, and their not all fluff, but what you need is exactly HOW to do it, implement it and the support to customize it to your authentic badass self.

What you're currently missing are the tools, tips, tricks to advance your biz.

And that my friend is STRATEGY!

But, I get it there is this weird rumor floating around that strategy is overwhelming, hard and means constant hustle.

My good friend strategy has gotten a bad rap, but I'm here to set the record straight!

Strategy is powerful, impactful and can't be skipped if you want to scale your business.

But, the trick with strategy is all in your ability to adapt it to YOUR personality, business and life.

Easier said than done and that's why so many mentors typically miss it.

That's where I come in!

I've built my entire 6-figure business by taking strategy and making it my own.

There is no one size fits all approach to running a successful biz, in fact, that thinking leads to burn out real quick.

It's not sustainable and if we're being honest you can only keep up the inauthenticity for so long.

That's why I design the work for my clients to be adapted and customized.

I believe in taking strategy and mindfully deciding how you can make it your own.

Not only does this make you a better entrepreneur it allows you to authentically show up online and attract your soul clients.



Being the go-to expert and leader in your industry

 Paying off debt, buying that home, retiring your spouse or saving for your kids college.

Traveling the world multiple times a year, continuing to run your business or not (whatever you choose)!

 If you could reach your ideal audience and turn them into paying clients consistently.

No longer feeling overwhelmed with the strategy needed to advance your biz and finally taking back your precious time.

 Getting to stop "trying" to find your clients and effortlessly attract them instead.

 Having the possibility to make infinite amounts of money, seriously the sky is the limit here.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And no it’s not too good to be true.

The question is ALWAYS how do I get there and I’ve outlined the exact 4-part system I’ve implemented and taught so many of my clients in the BASS method.


People skip it all the time, but not you right lady? You're ready to build a solid foundation that will support you as you continue to take your brand and business to new heights!


There are right and wrong ways to do it and chances are you might be going about it the wrong way - no worries we've got the strategies you need to attract your dream clients!


So you've got this growing audience, but now what do you do with them? In the serve stage we create consistent content and value that leads your audience to your paid offer with ease!


You're going places lady and nothing will get you there faster than having a clear plan, plus efficient strategies and tools in place. This is where most entrepreneurs plateau, but not you!

"Authentic Brand Builders Society is more than I ever expected - though I should have known, having worked with Michelle before! There is so much valuable content, and it's so practical and applicable. There are so many opportunities to ask questions and lots of bonuses! The value is so much beyond what you pay!"


"Michelle provides the accountability and strategy that I need each month to keep me growing my business. I've been more focused and consistent by being apart of the community and look forward to each months capsule release."

Darlene Hawley

I’ve worked with so many women over my past three years and whenever we look at what’s missing, that secret sauce for them to actually bring in money to their business, IT'S ALWAYS ONE OF THESE PIECES…

...yes, EVEN IF you have done the ideal client work.

...yes, EVEN IF you have a freebie.

...yes, EVEN IF you did that one program one time to help you discover your niche.

...yes, EVEN IF you have a solid following on Instagram (are you making money there?)

...yes, EVEN IF you've struggled to figure it out on your own

Trust me I've seen them all!




This exact system is the core of my membership community ABB Society, where you’ll get the exact strategies I’ve used to:

  • Grow my business to $10k + months consistently.
  • Replace and exceed my 9 to 5 income.
  • Support women in growing their own businesses and creating a life of freedom.
  • Grow my community to thousands of women.
  • Position myself as an influencer in my industry.


Most importantly, I've built a business that gives me the...

...time freedom to spend days with my son. freedom to retire my husband from his retail job.

...location freedom to travel the states in 2019, working
from anywhere and getting closer to a million-dollar business.

So, what is the ABB Society?
What a great question lady!

The Authentic Brand Builders Society, or ABB Society for short, is a recurring membership community with new content every single month, plus a ton of other amazing perks.


NEW MINI-COURSE released at the first of the month in the membership site. When you join you'll also have access to all previous materials. Content released follows the BASS method to Build, Attract, Serve and Scale your profitable brand.

LIVE Q&A CALL happens the first Thursday of the month with Michelle in the private Facebook community.

WEEKLY ENGAGEMENT in the private Facebook community for members only. Weekly prompts include tech questions, copy reviews and more.

GUEST EXPERT TRAININGS and bonus materials from guest experts added to your membership site.

LIVE Q&A CALL happens the third Tuesday of the month with Michelle in the private Facebook community.

PRIVATE HOT SEAT COACHING available for application every single month. Private sessions recorded and shared with the community. 

90-DAY PLANNING PARTY with Michelle and members of the  ABB Society for a quarterly goal setting and accountability session.

"The membership group is an amazing resource for business owners - especially if you are just getting started. The monthly topics and accompanying resources are thorough, clear, and extremely helpful. If you are in the early stages of developing your business I can’t recommend this group enough. Michelle delivers amazing value at a price point that’s affordable. Thanks for bringing it to life! "

Darlene Hawley

If you want to build a profitable brand and business, one that is scalable with no freaking ceiling and a thriving community of fans eager for your next amazing offer AND you want to do it all without feeling like you’ve sold your soul and the core pieces that make you authentic, then...

The Authentic Brand Builders Community is perfect for you!

Phew, that was a mouth full!


And here's the
thing lady,
the cost of

NOT TAKING ACTION will result in YOUR time and hours wasted searching for the answer online, time = money

NOT TAKING ACTION will result in lack of community and lack of sales because what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you

NOT TAKING ACTION will mean continuing to spin your wheels over and over again with little to no forward movement.

But taking action means MAJOR changes!



...that it’s not another course or program it’s recurring content at your
fingertips every single month.’s small bite-sized pieces on a strategy that is going to advance your
business without a freaking headache.’s actionable, meaning you’ll actually know what to do and how to do it
so you can take action - if only everything were this straightforward. will hold you accountability to keep going towards your crazy goals.'s got the support you need, the support you’ve been lacking, to take umbrella strategies and make them your own.

"I think I said this before but I love being able to work at my own pace. I love the way the material provokes my process and inspires me. I am not being told what to do. I am being shown how to shine more in my business."


"The community is great for support and to run ideas across. Michelle holds you accountable so you actually follow through with what you need to get done."


"Right after I watched the videos on content creation and specifically about brand containers, it was like something clicked. I even ended up creating and posting my most popular Instagram post to date! When I watch your content I find myself pausing every couple of minutes so I can write down pages of ideas that come flooding in. This content is a game-changer. "





↠ The BASS method and Authentic Brand Builders System including brand foundations training, list building, nurturing and more.

Brand new mini-courses released monthly.

Monthly Hot Seat coaching calls for members only.

Two monthly LIVE Q&A Calls for members only.

24/7 access to the private Facebook Group.

Quarterly planning sessions.

Direct access to Michelle multiple times a week.

↠ Special trainings and guest expert bonuses.



Learn some of the best and most authentic strategies in the industry for just under $2 a day!

I created this community as a way to serve more women and to give female entrepreneurs exactly what they need to create a profitable brand.

My intention has always been to support women. As my business grew I found myself speaking with so many women who wanted support, but couldn’t make a higher-priced commitment, so I created this community as a way to teach more women how to create a profitable brand.

Some of my favorite content is waiting for you inside, including: How to Discover Your Niche, Magnetic Messaging Training, My Complete Content Creation Strategy and Task Management to Get More Sh*t Done!

It all comes down to Building a Strong Foundation, Attracting Your Ideal Audience, Serving and Nurturing Your Community and Scaling Your Business.

This four-part framework has worked to bring my business to over 6-figures and so many of my clients in scaling not just their own income, but also their BRAND AWARENESS.

At the end of the day if you don't have a solid brand that consistently building trust with your audience and a community that is growing EVERY SINGLE DAY, your business will stall and you'll think of throwing in the towel.

I want to support more women in knowing that a profitable brand and business is possible for them!

I can't wait to support you in creating your truly authentic brand inside the society.



Jump in and try the membership site today for just $57. If you decide after a month it's not for you, we've made it super simple to cancel your monthly payment right inside the membership site. But, of course we have this feeling you'll want to stick around!


I mean if you're still reading you probably want to know the
person behind this whole thing right?

I'm Michelle Knight, a Branding and Business Coach, mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller. Over the past 2.5 years, I've distinguished myself as a branding expert through the power of storytelling and it's power to unite people.

That's why you are here, isn't it?

I've helped transform the business lives of female entrepreneurs by supporting them in tapping into their story to create a standout brand and message and the strategy needed to massively increase brand awareness and visibility; ultimately leading them to live a life of freedom.

I have a deep love and talent for strategy that works for YOU. After spending years studying musical theater I followed my love for communication and majored in Public Relations from Loyola University. After years of working in both the corporate and nonprofit sector, supporting businesses and brands in communicating their message with the world, I took the leap to branch out on my own.

I carried with me my love of uniting people through the power of social media, using strategy and communication to massively spread my message and dove deeper into the world of storytelling and it's life-changing impact.

Now just 3 years later I'm following my mission to support as many women as possible in achieving true time, financial and location freedom through my brand new Free To Be U community.

At the beginning of my journey I realized I wanted it all, and for the first time, I gave myself permission to have it. This is your permission lady; to take the leap and go all in on your freedom-based business, with someone who's been exactly where you are now leading the way.


Absolutely, you're in such an amazing place to get started with the Build Phase and do it right from the start. Everything you'll learn in the membership site will support you in setting a strong and scalable foundation for your business. Plus, the customized support at this stage of your business is a game changer.
I'm going to answer your questions with a question, is what you're doing working? If not, then absolutely. There are probably holes in your framework and that's exactly what this membership community covers. If you're celebrating consistent $10k months probably not, but anything below consistently having income coming in needs support so we can get you there!
There is a method to my madness I promise and I won't give you something you aren't ready for. You've got to strip it back and focus on the pieces that are actually going to make you money (hint: it's the BASS method). What you're doing right now is hoping around, focusing on the wrong things and not seeing results. It's time to remove the Shiny Object Syndrom and focus.
I would recommend at least an hour a week to implement the content and around 15 minutes a day to hop in the Facebook group to participate. Aside from that I recommend all members spend 20-30 minutes a day building their community and nurturing them. We have amazing resources inside the community to save you time on creating and repurposing your content so you save time.
Absolutely, we've made this super easy. If you're not happy inside the membership community you can cancel anytime inside the membership site. We truly believe if you show up and do the work you will get results, so why complicate matters if you find this isn't the space for you.
Aside from the 4-part Framework (aka BASS system) we've designed an easy way for you to discover just where to start based on your authentic brand. As soon as you join, you'll be prompted to take the "Where Do I Start?" Quiz which will direct you to the phase that's right for you at this time. You'll have a clear idea of what needs to happen to move your way through the framework. As always, if there are questions that's where the group comes in.
When you join you'll have access to a complete membership site. Your log in information will be sent via email! This is where your trainings, calendar and membership materials will live for easy access. You'll also have a private Facebook group where you'll be able to join us for Q&A live streams, ask your questions and get support throughout the week.

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