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You want to take your brand to the next level, but you are seriously struggling with HOW!
Well, you're in luck cause the "HOW" is my specialty!

For the entrepreneur tired of spinning their wheels with little forward movement and a ton of overwhelm and instead focus on efficiency, scalability and a new level in their business.

"Wow and Amazing are two words I would use to sum up my month intensive with Michelle.

She was seriously on call for 30 days and that was the best thing. Having someone (with the know how) to bounce ideas off and get concrete steps and actions to take to make the ideas actually happen.

My main focus for the month was to get build my funnel. Michelle helped with everything from the landing pages, email copy, and technical tips and tricks.  Michelle went beyond the call of duty, always offering more and pushing me to the next goal.

I really felt she was invested in my success as much as I was. When you are an entrepreneur plugging away at something all on your own every day, there is nothing better than knowing someone is in your court, backing you all the way, with you interests at heart."

- Kate Roseth, Founder of Yoga Branches

Michelle’s brand intensive exceeded my expectations in every way. Her sincere care about my experience, my wellbeing as a business owner, & my business outcomes were evident throughout the process. She helped me to focus & feel great about what mattered during the creation of my membership program while leaving out any time wasting details that could have prevented my successful launch. Together, we worked on the structure for my membership offer, outlined a marketing plan, & wrote (lots!) of copy for my webpage & email funnels.

From brainstorming the big picture for your brand to the constructive art of copywriting, Michelle is truly an expert in branding, marketing, & business. Thank you!

- Marin Laukka, Founder of Yes& by Marin

You have been trying so freaking hard to figure it out on your own. You opt in to every training, free offer and challenge you believe will help you take your business to the next level, but you still aren't seeing any REAL results.

You know what you "should" be doing, but aren't sure how to actually make it happen - not to mention you are busy and don't have all the time in the world to try and figure it out.

The thing about those free offers and trainings is you only get a piece of the puzzle and nowhere near the whole picture or even the strategies to bring it to life.

I know you are getting tired of just guessing and need a clear action plan to make your life of freedom possible - can I get a heck yes for the freedom trifecta?!

Maybe you've invested in group programs and courses, only to discover what you need is customized support with next-level accountability and strategy.

This customized strategy will make a major impact on your business, think...

+ stop guessing and start doing

+ stop with major to-do lists and start getting actionable

+ stop feeling overwhelmed and start knowing exactly what to do and when

Seems simple, because it can be!

"If I could say one thing to entrepreneurs and mompreneurs specifically… it would be this. You do NOT have to settle for the life you’re living— you know the one where you feel like you’re constantly choosing between your work and your family. The one where you feel like you work ALL THE TIME without every truly getting anything done. With Michelle as your business coach you will reach and even exceed your biggest dreams and goals for your business AND for your family. My husband is SO proud of what I’m creating and happy to see me so excited about what I’m doing. I spend more quality time with my kids than every before. My business has increased from $50k in 12 months to $75k in ONLY 6 months. And thanks to Michelle, I now know that you CAN create success while still putting family first. You CAN have a productive, effective, life-changing business and still see your kids and date your husband. You CAN love your life as a mompreneur.

The payoff from working with Michelle has been far greater than any investment I’ve every made in my business. Her advice was priceless and I am so grateful! HIRE HER NOW… you won’t be sorry!"

- Ariel Dilworth, Photographer and Educator




+ Start making strategic steps that move the needle forward with your brand so you can start having "pinch me moments" when you make an unexpected sale!

+ Feel confident in hitting your financial goals so you can be on track to close out 2021 EXACTLY where you envisioned your business at the beginning of the year!

+ Make major changes happen in your brand, without having to scrap everything you've already worked so hard to build!

+ Identify your vision, values and voice for your brand so you can scale with ease and alignment.

+ Receive laser focus on what's NOT working in your business, think messaging, content creation, visibility, selling, just to name a few; so you can fix the "not so great" areas and make them amazing!


+ Determine a marketing strategy to get you to your goal in the most efficient way possible.

+ Break down your marketing goals into actionable steps (aka kick the overwhelm to the curb).

+ Build a system and workflow to show up consistently and effectively without posting on social media daily.

+ Gain clarity on your focus and fill in the gaps of your existing brand and marketing so you can scale with ease.

+ Find a way to show up authentically and with confidence online to gain consistent leads and sales.

+ Understand how to serve your prospective clients at every stage of the buying process so you don't lose potential $$.


"Working with Michelle one on one was a game changer for me and my business. I had spent so much money and time trying to figure it all out on my own and I got to a point where I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and burnt out of trying to do all of the things. I had done OK for myself, but I knew I needed help. I needed one on one, personalized help from someone who not only was knowledgeable but had accomplished what I was trying to achieve.

In just a few months Michelle took all of the work I had done on my own and helped me get clear on what I actually wanted to do and who I wanted to help. She helped me rebrand my whole website (which saved me a ton of money on hiring a graphic designer) and pulled out of me my strengths and gifts that I didn't even know I had. She also helped me refine my messaging to a point where I don't have to bumble around trying to explain what I do to people. I know who I want to help and how exactly I can help them, and that clarity has helped me book more clients, more speaking events, and prioritize my own work load.

I have gotten more value from working with Michelle in just a few months than I have from years of taking various online courses, joining networking groups, and trying a million different ways to grow my business. If you are ready to seriously level up, working one on one with Michelle is not only the simplest option, but it's the best use of your time and money to get you there."

Randi Kay, Wellness Practitioner




"The 90 day intensive with Michelle has truly helped me to have the support and guidance needed to clarify areas of uncertainty concerning the direction of my business. At the time of the intensive start, I was offering other services and concerned about pivoting to focus on my passion for coaching. The 90 days with Michelle was key to making the transition confidently and with the support and answers to the hiccups along the way!

Prior to completing You! Branded I was unable to make sense of how to stand out in my industry authentically. I was consumed with attempting to perfect a social media and target audience focused method that was only frustrating my spiritual and creative authenticity. In desperation to Brand my business authentically in order to move forward with what I really wanted to do, support my own clients from an authentic and empowered place, I began You! Branded and was immediately blown away by the refreshing approaches that Michelle takes in highlighting the importance of connecting your Brand and Your Story. Which has revolutionized the way I now perceive myself, my business and my connection to my clients through the support I offer!"
- Cenigdaly Deleon Lopez, Spiritual Coach

The Brandmerry Framework!

Pinpoint the holes you need to fill or the areas where you're
excited to elevate during your Intensive.



A 90-minute video coaching call where we will deep dive into what exactly needs to happen to take your business to the next level. Together we will map out exactly what the next steps are and you will leave the call with a clear plan of action and the steps needed to start implementing right away!


After our Intensive you will have complete access to me for 30 days to create and implement the strategies we outlined in your intensive. This private access is to support you in taking major steps in your business and can be done via private email, voice recordings via Voxer or both!


Private Client Folder to be used during the 30 days of support to make it easy to share and work on documents together in an efficient way, yes this includes your copy! Included in your folder is the video recording of our session and notes to reference back to anytime you need!


My goal is that you can gain clarity on what you want to work on during our time together and I can feel up to speed on what is needed at this stage of your business. To deliver on this and fully optimize our 90-minute session, you'll receive pre-session questions from me to prep for our call. 

"I'm so grateful I decided to work with Michelle. It's always tough to know how and when to invest in a business, but the day I started my 90-day intensive, I booked two new clients for the precise amount I invested with Michelle. Not only that, but within a week, I also pitched a new service and fee for the first time. I know I would not have done that without Michelle's encouragement.

The ninety-minute call was amazing. I wasn't sure we'd be able to cover everything I wanted to, but Michelle kept us on task, while diving deep where needed. She kept detailed notes and recorded the call, so at the end, I had an action plan and felt sure of my next steps. She has responded promptly and thoroughly every step of the way whenever questions arise.

Michelle provides the perfect balance of strategy and confidence building, with a contagious enthusiasm. Work with her, now!"

- Jannan Poppen, Wellness Travel Agent

“I've made more progress working with Michelle in 30 days than I did in an entire year! I knew where I wanted my content marketing business to go but was so overwhelmed with all the things that I felt I should be doing that I wasn't making any progress. After my 90-minute intensive call with Michelle, I walked away with a clear and focused plan to launch my business in a way that played to my strengths and challenged me to grow. And the best part? I didn't feel alone. She was there to look over every email, every image, and even gave me super detailed feedback on my website. Now that I'm a month into my business, I feel confident and excited about moving forward without the overwhelm and the stress I was experiencing before.”

- Margaret McGriff, Content and Marketing Strategist

"When I booked the 90 min business intensive with Michelle I was feeling completely overwhelmed, everything was just too hard and booking the intensive was the very last funds I had available and left in my business!

BOOM - so glad I went with my gut! I learned so much through that month - Michelle opened my eyes to so many things, the biggest one of all truly connecting with my audience on a much deeper level and WHY DO THEY CARE.

This resulted in booking my first high level 1:1 - 3k client before I even had my collection ready because I was able to connect with her on such a deep level! I’ve made a few deep connections since booking my first client as well which is mind blowing ❤ "

- Jodie Turpin, Photographer and Course Creator

Currently filling spots for 
October 2021.

Spots only open a few times a year and typically sell out in advance. Right now when you join you'll get lifetime access to my signature branding course You! Branded completely free (Value $997) and one month free inside my marketing membership Brandmerry Academy (Value $97)

Investment $2,250 USD
Payment plans available.
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"During our time together, I was able to get crystal clear on my messaging and build out my landing pages, and email sales funnel. All of my emails were thoroughly read and edited. I went from feeling like a complete newbie to feeling more professional and knowledgeable."

Crystal Lambert

"I highly recommend that you hire Michelle to help you with your website and creating your brand. She is super knowledgeable, fun to work with and totally there for you when you need her. I was really nervous about investing in her program but it was really the best decision I could have made. I've gained 6 new clients since working with Michelle!"

Tani Morgan
Mindset Mentor

"I thought I understood my branding, messaging and my story before working with Michelle, but I was wrong. After our 90 minute call my eyes were open to what I was missing. My messaging and ideal client became so clear I now know what my client wants and needs. By the end of our first week of working together I made a sale! "

Haley Navarro
Health and Mindset Coach

""Michelle’s coaching style is truly inspiring. In just one call, I was able to gain clarity and the motivation to start getting myself and my services noticed. Within one week, I was talking with three ideal clients (nonprofit leaders), helping them assess their coaching and consulting needs. By the end of the month, I had two clients agree to participate in a four-week program. She helped me streamline my messaging, and now I know how to get attention from the people I actually want to work with. I am now getting ready to start Michelle’s group program, Roadmap to Freedom, and I am confident that she will continue to help my business grow.""

Ashlee Salinetro
Nonprofit Development Consultant


  • Having complete clarity on your niche, ideal client and messaging so you can feel confident in the foundational pieces of running your business.
  • Designing your entire funnel, complete with your free offer, tripwire, funnel emails, up sell and promotion schedule so you can start growing your list and community.
  • Developing a clear and actionable plan for increasing your visibility online, nurturing your community and building the trust factor so you can start signing more 1:1 clients.
  • Creating your first course or group program, complete with a step by step action plan so you feel supported in what needs to be done to make it happen with ease!

AND SO MUCH MORE - the possibilities are endless for what you can make happen in JUST 30 days, with this kind of high-level support!

Michelle is an incredible business coach and I had the fortune of working with her earlier this year. The work I did with her was life-changing. In our first 90-minute intensive we worked through and created what have become the 5 pillars of my business. I had spent a year and a half floundering around with my marketing, never feeling solid on the messaging of my business. Michelle worked with me to get super clear and create inspiring, clear messaging to include on the sales page of my website. Not only did this create clarity, but has become the basis of finally feeling CONFIDENT in myself, my program, and the way that I change women’s lives through my work. Thank you Michelle!”

- Clarissa Findley, Life Designer: Mindset Transformation Coach

“WOW!!! I knew I needed support before working with Michelle but after our 90 minutes I understood exactly how badly I needed the support. She was truly amazing at listening to my ideas, where I am at in my business, and my struggles. Then she helped me form a plan to move forward and START GETTING CLIENTS!

During our 30 days, I launched my first online workshop which we then repurposed into a freebie. She walked me through setting up my funnel, helped me stay focused and I signed my first client.

Then I just had to keep working with her! Lol”

- Heather Dollar, Clarity & God Centered Business Coach

""Working with Michelle helped me focus on taking action. I felt she genuinely wanted me to make progress during our time together and that she cared about my business. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious - just what you need when starting a business.During our time together I not only became clear on my messaging, but finalized my freebie, developed a funnel and outlined a mini-program. and all in only 30 days!""

Elle Turner
Emerald and Lime Studio

""I decided to sign up for the intensive with Michelle, as I was setting up for an end-of-the-year launch and was completely overwhelmed. She helped me figure out my goals and break the launch down into easy steps. Not only that but with the additional 30 days of support we were able to work on my website and sales page copy, facebook ads and so much more. I feel clear on where I'm going and how to get there and that, for me, is priceless!""

Lindset Mashon
Nutritional Counselor

"Working with Michelle for 90 minutes was extremely beneficial to my business. It is amazing how much she can get done in that time frame! We talked through some weaknesses I felt I had in my business and were able to not only build up my confidence but make a plan for the actions I needed to take to grow my business. The month of support after the call was invaluable, Michelle is SO knowledgeable and can help with ANYTHING. With the call and the extra support for the month, we set up my sales funnel and cleaned up my copy - within days I was making sales! In the months following our intensive, my income doubled and October was my best month yet!"

Jena Liat
Pinterest Strategist

"I had been going back and forth about hiring Michelle as a 1:1 coach and jumped at the chance for the 90 minute intensive with 30 days of support. With one 90 minute phone call, Michelle focused on exactly what I needed in that moment that would have the best impact on my business. We reworked my marketing webinar, and created a plan to present it, the improvements led to it being my most successful webinar yet! She shared so much value and support in that 90 minutes that by the end of the call I knew I had to work with her 1:1. "

Jennifer Bloomingdale
Life Coach for Moms

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