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Hey there, I'm Michelle Knight!

Your Branding and Business coach, mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller.

I work with female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction to take their business to the next level. I help them tap into their unique story to create a standout brand and message that positions them as an expert in their industry, so they can create their desired income and free up their schedule to spend time on what matters most. I feel deep down in my core that everyone has a story to tell, a message for the world to hear and that every storyteller deserves to live a life of freedom, I'm living proof that no matter what obstacles life may throw at you, or chapters that may contribute to your story, you have the power to write your own ending.  

I have not only lost many people in my life, but I have also lost my way and my purpose. Through the years I've learned to embrace what makes me differentown my story and to live unapologetically

I've always known I was destined for so much more than a 9 to 5 and just living my life according to the "should's" and your are too. I know you have a story to tell and a desire for so much more out of life and it's time to stop suspending your dreams - to be bigger than your fears.




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